Resident of Galapagos Research Centre

Resident of Galapagos Research Centre

Finally, it turns out to be a convenient island, albeit half way of the world from where I came from.  Many people, mostly fisherman from Europe stumbled on these archipelagos long before me and even Charles Darwin.  And it wasn’t convenient.  He was simply on a round the world survey on Her Majesty’s Service (just like James Bond. no secret though) in 1835.  He was on board the Beagle and stopped over the islands for just a few weeks.  Not knowing that it harbors the secret “Origin  Of Species”, so the tiny islands and its native residents have just been there waiting to be discovered and honored.

Ask yourself, how many times you have stumbled on new things — places, people and phenomenon.  and we allow them just slip pass us without feeling awed, bewildered, or even noticed.   To make sense of merely something stumbled on, even a gem, takes an endeavor of a Homo Sapiens scale.   No wonder, out of the human history and prehistory there is only one Charles Darwin.  Or the Galapagos Island is just an island of convenience.  

It’s not enough just to give it a full military honor.  In fact this would be contrary to the hidden spirit of co-flourishing on the only speck of grain in the universe available to life.  Our species is the only life form which is capable to cause harm to this one last refuge.  The intrigue relationship of forces which sustains fortunate species is yet to be studied.  However we are grateful to Darwin to draw our attention.  And we came to recognize that we can’t afford to lose this remaining window to understand life form and ourselves in particular.   So instead of human honor, people honor it with special measures.

Situating in the middle of Pacific Ocean, is itself a natural defensive mold.  The human species progress so much in science and technology that traveling there become accessible to more and more people.  Indeed, it is now an attraction to tourist and friendly to people of all physical tolerance.  There are still some unique measures to prevent contamination.  After landing and clearing the custom, tourist have to walk through a sanitary strip designed to exterminate suspected contaminants hopefully.  On the yacht, tourist are still allowed to defecate on board, not overboard.  That is it would be contained on board until the end of the trip.  Toilet tissues are not to be dumped and separately stored for disposal.