About Edward

At  my age, I feel no shame to claim myself being young at heart.

Beyond my basic education in economics and finance back in the days when Q.E. and national debts were not in vogue in the 1970’s, I ventured a little bit.  By no means a world traveler, I had a glimpse of diversity of the planet know as our world:  from tropical rain forest to Alaska interior, from the mega-metropolis to the Galapagos island, from hearsay about Siberia to taking a step by step, literally and you are talking 10 days and nights straight by train, myself.

Nowhere come close to an environmentalist, whose conviction on their ideal I admired, I do what I can, however minuscule, as a task force member of a city revitalizing initiative and as a member of Environmental Assessment Committee.

I love to share my thoughts with people and invite people’s ideas.  When enough is talked about a subject, such as the state of the planet or the well being of our world, it may well be a force to be reckoned with.

6 thoughts on “About Edward

    1. Edleeceat Post author

      Hello Grizzly, It.s a great pleasure to know there are people out there who share the ideas.
      Cheers! Don’t forget to share your opinion and ideas with us too.

    1. Edleeceat Post author

      Hello Patch, It’s nice to have someone share the thought, and more so a great mind like you.
      Cheers! Your opinion and idea are welcome here, come share with us.


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