Monthly Archives: June 2020

For better or worse

Life long journey; journey of a life time. The world as shaped by the physical planet has been surprisingly accommodating to all individuals, good and bad even evil; Wise, smart to foolish and silly. Everyone gets a place in the world. All you have to do is and free to trundle your way to the finish line, again if only the prescribed political reality allows.
Not only the path one trundled can be worldly different from one another, as if designer of the world don’t find diversity enough, it endows each individual differently too, often widely. Witnessing 7 billion souls bobbing up and down the sea of humanity, you certainly agree there is never shortage of diversity. Looking at how wealth consolidated or opinions on society, we hear more of polarization and antagonism than homogeneity, let alone harmony.
Still there are twist and turns when one trundles through the life long journey. Since the first appearance of Homo sapiens some 200,000 years ago, people began to find ways to sooth themselves. Sages over the ages attempted to, some even prescribed ways to mitigate sufferings of mankind. Looking at this, there might well be already a way to mitigate the climate change if only people look at the issue religiously, this time based on scientific facts.
Each life journey, long or short, has laid out before it unique twists and turns, bumps and rough patches, surprises. It just that people prefer pleasant one. I have yet to meet one who likes unpleasant surprise in all my life. And I have lived quite a respectable number of years and counting. How about yours?!