Energy, Resources & We

We, people on the street and the scientific community up in the ivory tower, have been talking about the root cause of climate change.  Carbon dioxide from carbon based fuel has been found guilty of the crime–heating up the planet. The blame is misdirected. Carbon is the mother of all fossil fuels which provide energy.  A colorful world for mankind is made possible only because of carbon.

It powers the progress of human civilization since the beginning of time through industrial revolution and on-going.  In less than 200,000 years of its existence, Homo Sapiens changes the world and hence the planet earth.  If we condense it into a year, the industrial revolution only started on the very last day of the year and late in the afternoon before the year end.

With the planet earth being so resourceful, it laid the stage of a world for man to enjoy. Energy only turns resources into our enjoyment. Enjoy, we certainly do in a big way. It is the earthly resources that make the world colorful. But Can we make it last?!. Is there still a new year, or tomorrow at least.