One day, One page — diary elaboration

Ukraine Rally

Had seen enough on Newscast and internet, very moving but can’t do anything. Arriving at the scene, swarmed with people covered in a sea of Ukrainian flags. It’s more than half a century since the last world war ended when it started in Poland and China some eight years earlier. Remembering looking at the images of Chinese Canadian rallied in support of their motherland in a lonely battle resisting the far superior invading Japanese forces, one found it an almost identical situation of Ukraine resisting Russia.. People lined up alongside upholding a long Chinese national flag progressing up the street in Vancouver. History simply repeats itself as a drama only different time and place.

This time is Ukraine fell into this unwelcome role of being the victim. Their resolve to defend their country and dignity of her people rallied not only Ukrainian people but the world over. No country wants a national crisis to demonstrate their best quality. Today Ukraine people have no choice but to innovate their way collectively and individually defending their country and upholding their national dignity.

Mar. 2 / 2022 today’s current — interview of academics on Ukraine situations

One interviewee compare the Ukraine situation as a boxing match and only a local war. It’s totally in disregard of the reality in Russia’s aggression. What an outrage aside, the mentality impact is more damaging than its literal connotation. Firstly, it’s never a boxing match. There is no consenting pair of contestants for a match, only a heavyweight juggernaut picking a small and weak person for a fight who has no interest in a fight and doing everything to avoid it. While most people can arrive at a reasonable conclusion based on the facts reported, some misinformed people or less informed would easily be misled clouding the atrocity Russia inflicted on Ukraine. There may be an unintended effect on the listeners who are eager to learn about the truth only misled by a incompetent scholar leading to wrong judgement. Judgement of the people at this hour is the very public opinion needed to uphold the common value of humanity.

On local war — hidden behind this notion, the willful atrocity is characterized as local infighting between two parties and bear nothing about global value that world leaders should uphold. I’m so disappointed with this scholar.

The moral of this interview with that academic turned out to be a lesson in negative sense. It hinges on the selection of the interviewee. Who to choose? Can different interviewee hold different point of view? After all academic freedom must be preserved, and freedom of expression. For freedom of expression, journalistic reporting has the duty to demonstrate the reality of various point of views on issues including the unwelcomed views which exist in all society. On in depth analysis on moral issues the discourse should center on the basis of world human value. It takes a well informed person unbiased to tell. If you count on a in depth analysis behind global events, good luck!

March 28 .. on reading Neil Tyson — Cosmic Queries

Great reading, very interesting and informative. Now here is the point. .. Is it that because I have some background knowledge that enhance the readability of his treatise on the subject or his skillfulness in laying out the substance which is not necessarily appealing universally.

It’s well written, sophisticated, but easy and friendly to understand as in a everyday small talk on big subject. He uses friendly language to tell the complex concept supported with scientific findings (both theories and experimental facts. The universe is a gigantic tapestry which is beyond our everyday life experience. He tasks to take the viewer to appreciate it’s grandiose scale first, then into examining its grand scheme of composition, drilling further down into the individual strands and how they weave together.

How did he do it…. … Would like to learn from Tyson cosmic Queries

He likely started with 3 phases, I guess: Curate , Arrange, Gluing (like gluon) .

Curate — as in museum, Picking and selecting appropriate and impactful items for the subject with main theme and sub-stories.

Arrange — Layout and sequencing, spatial and chronological.

Gluing — actual creative part of designing presentation. This is where and how he weave the materials together in a captivating oresentation.

It can be used in DIY projects such as .. writing your own favorite text book for grade students. Writing a science book. (this is easier than writing a novel, which demands more creativity and imagination.)