A world out of the Earth

1) Obviously, the world is flat.
Scientifically, the earth is round.
Naturally, Galileo uncovers that it is round, in a world of Christianity, deserved condemnation.
Repeatedly, mistaken again? Is it.

2) 昨天,我們走向世界。

…挨世界 — 人之初也。
…大世界 — 大把機會。
…新世界 — 有您機會。
…撈世界 — 遍尋機會。
…好世界 — 撈到世界。
…嘆世界 — 修成”正果”。


8 thoughts on “A world out of the Earth

  1. Edleeceat Post author

    Hello Whitney,

    Thanks for the comment.
    I let my thoughts come out in its natural course and meet my friends in grace, or
    at least not to disappoint. Thanks for stay tuned.


  2. Edleeceat Post author

    Hello William,

    Thanks for visiting. Do join in for the fun and share your interesting thoughts. When enough is said, interesting ideas may evolve into worldly wisdom. How about that?! Cheers and stay tuned.




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